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~ How To Choose The Perfect Bib? ~

Babies just LOVE to make a mess, especially at meal times... I cant tell you how many tops and shirts that got ruined because of messy meal 😢

And thats why BIBs are a big essential part of any baby's wardrobe, but there are so many variation and how to choose the best one for you?? Here's some important criterias to consider...

1. Bibs need to be easily cleaned - simple as that! Its gonna get messy, its gonna get food on it, its gonna catch dribbles... its gonna get dirty, period. And you want to be able to clean it EASILY - so you know, you can use it again and again. Trust me, you don't want a bib that needs to be handwashed... i mean who got time for that, right? Get one that you can easily chuck into the washing machine ;)

2. Bibs need to fit properly on your bub (obviously, you don't want to choke them with it!! And if it's too loose then the food will still make its way to the shirts ;( ) So, find one that fits your bub.. I recommend something with velcro strap as you can easily adjust it and its easy to put on... which brings to ...

3. Bibs should be easy to put on - picture this: wriggling impatient baby/toddler + hard to do little buttons on bibs / tie-on bibs = frustrating meal times!! When buying bibs, just check first to make sure you can put on and take it off easily ;)

My then-10-month old son with his bib

4. Bibs need to be waterproof - I mean.. isn't that the whole point of bib so that your bub's nice clean shirt stays.. clean? and dry? Yup.. so waterproof it is. It doesn't always have to be the plasticky one, most bibs nowadays are 3-layered with waterproofing in the between so when bub spill their drinks (which WILL happen at some point), it won't soak thru...

So there you go, that's my 4 important criterias for choosing the bibs for my own sons. Personally I choose Carter's bib for those reasons ~ super easy.. after each meal I wipe the bib with baby wipes so the food stuff is gone... then chuck it into my washing machine! It comes with big velcro strap so fit babies from 3 mths up to 2 years, its waterproofed, AND comes with super CUTE designs that I just love ;)

Happy choosing!!

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