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3 Ways to Connect To Your Grand-Children

There are many researches and studies done that prove that there are extra benefits for children to live near their grandparents (beside the free babysitting!!) There is something incredibly special about the bonds between grandparents and grandchildren ... for the full article of these benefits please check out this link :

For me personally, I live on different country from my parents, so my children don't always have their grandma and grandpa close to them, but every time they visited I can see that my children just bloom.. The attention and love that grandparents can give is different from what parents can give... its not that one is better than the others, its just different and kids benefit from that :)

BUT what if you live on different countries like I do? How can you still help build this grandparents-grandchildren relationship? Here are my 3 simple ways that grandparents can implement to connect more with their grandchildren ...

1. Read them a book

We all know that bedtime stories are the perfect activities to bond together, but obviously this needs to be done differently than if you are next to them. Here is what you can do: record a video of yourself reading the book - interact with the video AS IF you are reading it to your grandchildren directly!! Then send both the book and the video to your grandchildren.. and ask their mum to play it for bedtime stories :) That way they are familiar with your face, with your voice and that book will be a special book between the two of you

2. Use your technologies

Nowadays our mobile phone is super amazing and its a really great tool to connect people! When my son was a baby I used to record whatever he is doing almost everyday and send it to my parents - that way they are up to date and feel involved in my baby's life... and vice versa, my parents would sometime record themselves or do voice message for my sons and send it over.. Both my sons love it!!

a little boy with his grandma
Sam with his grandma

3. Give them a little something

When you visit your grandchildren, give them a little something.. It doesn't have to be an expensive toy or whatever, but just something small that can remind them of you whenever they see it.

When my own grandma came over to Australia for a visit, she brought a little toy car for my son - its just those little pull back car thing.. but here is what makes it special... she then PLAYED the car with my son! Until now (5 years later) every time my son see that car, he will always say "that's my special car, from great grandma".. and every time my son talks to my grandma, they will always always always talk about their special car :)

So that's my simple 3 ways that you can easily use to connect more and have special relationship with your grandchildren :)

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