Note: We have ran out of board book and it will be replaced with baby hat, baby bow/bow tie, or bath mitten according to availability. Thank you for your understanding.


DOUBLE the trouble, DOUBLE the fun, DOUBLE the value!!⁠
That's definitely the sentiment that you would get from our newest pair of twins!!⁠


This one of a kind nappy cake is just the perfect thing to celebrate the unique-ness of being a twin ~ similar but never the same 😍


For $150 you will get :

2 small soft toys

⁠3 pair of baby socks for boy⁠

3 pair of baby socks for girl

⁠1 pair of prewalker shoes for boy

⁠1 pair of prewalker shoes for girl

⁠2 baby blankets⁠

6 baby washcloths⁠

1 baby pants for boy

⁠1 baby pants for girl

⁠1 bodysuit for boy⁠ (size 3-6 mth)

1 bodysuit for girl (size 3-6 mth)

⁠1 waterproof bib for boy

⁠1 waterproof bib for girl

⁠2x 200ml johnson toiletries

⁠2 small board book / or 1 bigger book to share⁠ (depends on availability)

1 handmade baby bow for girl

⁠1 handmade bow tie for boy

⁠22 Huggies Infant nappies⁠

FREE Message card / baby name tag


⁠ALL packaged creatively into this gorgeous and WOW Hot air balloon style nappy cake!!⁠⁠


This is for a boy/girl twin but it can easily be adjusted for boy/boy or girl/girl twin nappy cakes.
Pickup can be made in Ashfield OR delivery around Sydney area can be arranged


*as each hamper is made when ordered, there will be variation with the colours and designs of the items, but everything will be of equal value and cuteness :)

SnowBabiez Hot Air Balloon GRANDE - TWIN